Civil Investigation
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 Civil Issues:

  • Workers’ comp.- Surveillance and video on Subject.  We are the best
    in getting the results you need.

  • Surveillance- Helpful tool in documenting information and evidence on

  • Attorney services- We will serve legal papers and investigate any
    criminal, civil, or domestic case that you might need help on.  Any
    backgrounds, interviews, statements, recordings, video, or whatever  
    requests are to meet your objective, we can handle for you.

  • Undercover operations- Are used in security and investigation as a
    means to uncover information that could be helpful and answer questions
    or suspicions by the client.  I’Ive been involved in many cases that have
    covered the following areas: Employee theft and drugs, Policy and
    Procedures for companies, child custody issues, and businesses.

  • Personal injury- If you are a victim of an injury or being falsely accused
    call us, we can help you.

  • Background research- A helpful tool in civil cases.  Research
    individuals, businesses, or any subject matter.  

  • Asset searches- Will check into the assets of a business or
    individual.  Bank accounts, property, trusts, stocks and bonds, credit cards
    and much more.   

  • Preemployment screening- We will research the background on
    anyone  making sure there is no criminal record, civil litigation, domestic
    violence or any other issues or areas you would like investigated.  
    Recommended to go back seven to ten years but longer if needed.

  • Embezzlement/Fraud- We will work with you to review what
    information you have regarding your case.  At this time we can give you
    some recommendations on how to proceed.  Whatever your objectives
    are, we can handle them for you.  

  • Locate and background persons or businesses-  I have
    worked on hundreds of cases with great success.