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Domestic Issues:

  • Surveillance-  subject or Subject’s would be under surveillance,
    gathering information that would help you with any questions or concerns
    about the person under surveillance.  Notes are collected on the time
    Subject leaves, where he or she goes, time of arrivals, license plates to
    vehicles, and what activities are going on at each location.  We would also
    take some video, unless the client preferred not to.  

  • Child Custody- Will prove or disprove a parent or guardian is
    responsible for the care of a child.  We will conduct surveillance,
    backgrounds, and any other means necessary to handle the objective.

  • Unfaithful spouse- Over 50% of people cheat on their spouse and
    90% of people that think its going on are right.  What we do to find out is
    this is going on in your life is as follows but not limited to Surveillance,
    Video, Backgrounds, phone records, interviews, recommendations, and
    advice for you to help solve this problem.

  • Divorce issues- Recommend an attorney if needed.  Asset search.
    Research employment.  Video tangible assets.  Bank records. Stocks and

  • Serving legal papers- Divorce/restraining orders/Civil superior and
    municipal/small claims/ and any other types of documents that need to be
    serve or delivered in or out of the United States.

  • Missing persons- Will work with the families for the safe return of their
    love ones.  Will meet with you at no cost to you and go over what
    information you have and recommended the best course of action.  We do
    travel outside the state if needed.

  • Video and photograph- In a lot of cases could help decide a
    decision in your favor.  In most cases I recommend video and or
    photograph.  Clients have the final say regarding video.  

  • Background checks-California and all other states.  There are many
    reasons why someone might want a background done.  Here are a few:
    Employment, Starting a business with others, dating with thoughts of
    marriages, Person or persons harassing you or your family, child custody
    problems, etc.  We can get information regarding : Federal Court,  Probate,
    Mental records, Employment, Reference checks, Education, Asset search,
    Phone and cell phone records, Phone number search,Drivers license
    record, License plate run, Social Security search,Address search,Real
    Estate search, Corporate Records, Fictitious Filings,Voters,Marriage or
    death records,etc.

  • Consultant- If you have any issues or questions regarding Investigation
    or Security, call me.  I will meet with you or your staff and give you some
    recommendation.  We also can help you set up your own departments
    within your company.  Individual needs are also met.