Donald W. Demary has been specializing in all facets of
investigation and security for over
thirty years.  His years of service
have provided him with hundreds of contacts and methods to solve
your case.  He is fully  Licensed, Insured, and Bonded in both
investigation and security.  Mr
. Demary is a member of the  
California Association of Licensed Investigators (C.A.L.I). With
around 2,000 members
. C.A.L.I  is the largest private investigation
association in the world.  During his many years of investigations,
Donald and his team have handled some of the most high profile
cases and personal security, including cases for The U.S. Treasury
Department, The U.S. Customs Services, The Public Defenders
Office, High profile nuclear security/ investigation, and
of the rich and famous.  Donald is a dedicated
professional who achieves consistent results, solves critical
problems and focuses 100% on the objectives.  He prides himself on
helping anyone with a problem, no matter how large or small.
Donald W. Demary
Private Investigator
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